How to Use Eyelash Growth Serum with Eyelash Extensions Properly

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Serums and lash extensions have truly changed the lash game for many women.

It has changed the way they feel about their lashes. So, you are in love with those new lash extensions you have gotten done!

But you want to maintain the health of your natural lashes using a growth serum or eyelash conditioner.

But you don’t know if it’s okay to use eyelash serums with your extensions. And if you can, what’s the best way to do it.

The first and most important thing you should know when using serums on lash extensions is that not all lash serums are compatible with lash extensions.

It’s pivotal to make sure that the serum you use won’t interfere with the adhesives in your extensions.

How Do You Select The Best Eyelash Growth Serum To Use Along With Eyelash Extensions?

  • The best way to go about it would be to ask your stylist or lash artist. Any experienced and well-researched lash artist should be able to give you the information required.
  • Avoid products that contain glycols and their derivatives in their ingredients. Glycols act as solvents and weaken the glue on your extensions. Even if a lash serum does claim to be safe to be used with extensions, read the label to gauge for yourself.
  • Avoid products that contain harsh, drying chemicals.

Having said that, using a good lash serum to wear while using your extensions could be good for you as they promote the growth of natural lashes and helps your extensions last longer too.

The extensions are attached individually to your eyelashes which means when you take good care of your actual lashes, the extensions attached to are more likely to stay on.

Applying serums with extensions is much like using your regular makeup. Apply it as directed on your lash line twice a day.

Some things to do before applying serum to lash extensions:

  • Make sure to clean your extensions thoroughly before using any products on them. While it is alright to apply the serum any time of the day, application on a freshly cleansed eyelash line when they are bare and clean is highly recommended. This to make sure there are no barriers between the skin and the product.
  • As important as cleaning your extension is, what products you use to clean is equally important. A nice, oil-free, lightweight makeup remover is ideal as eyelash extension cleanser. The presence of oil or glycols, as mentioned earlier, can make the glue on your extensions give away and fall out sooner.
  • Make sure you don’t scrub too hard, pull or rub your eyes at any cost. Gentleness in movements is paramount. A wise thing to do would be to stay away from waterproof anything near your eyes as removing them would require harder cleaning.
  • Apply it like you would your liquid eyeliner beginning with the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  • Apply only on your lash line and be careful to avoid the eyelid.
  • Treat your eyes gently and make sure not to touch or get the product on your extensions while applying.
  • Let it properly dry out and then open your eyes
  • It is also perfectly okay to apply them just before you go to bed. Sleeping face down is anyway not recommended for people wearing lash extensions which means fewer chances of the product getting rubbed on to your pillow and more of staying on.
  • Keep your hands off your lashes or extensions to avoid transferring germs and natural oils.

This process of using eyelash serums with eyelash extensions will help you with maintaining the overall health of lashes.

Try serums with your extensions and who knows, you may not even need those extensions by the time it is time for your next fill.