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Thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes is something every girl wants.

Sadly, that has given plenty of people to make money out of selling false products.

In order to stay at your natural best, there are a number of inventive beauty tricks to rely on.

One of these is related to Vaseline and the seemingly amazing ability this product has in encouraging the growth of the lashes.

However, the million-dollar question remains – Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

To put things mildly, NO it does not.

While the myth has a tremendous amount of popularity, no tangible evidence exists to suggest that petroleum jelly is actually effective in assisting the healthy growth of your lashes.

That is not to cast the product aside as being completely useless.

Vaseline has been found to be effective in moisturizing and even thickening the eyelashes while some trusty petroleum jellies even lend an improved look to the lash lines.

The Right Way To Using Vaseline For Eyelash Growth

Here are simple steps that will help you apply Vaseline the right way:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands to prevent any residue or dirt from being stuck under the nails. This helps in keeping the eyelashes and eyelids bacteria-free.
  2. Gently and thoroughly clean the eyelids to keep them free from soap, mascara, or other similar residues.
  3. Take a clean cotton swab and pour Vaseline out onto it in a small amount.
  4. Apply Vaseline gently along the lower and upper eyelashes in very small quantities.
  5. Take a tiny quantity of Vaseline on the other side of the cotton swab and apply it along the eyelashes. Blink while doing so to allow an even coat of the entire eyelash line.
  6. If you are following this process before bedtime, you are likely to have some residue on the lids the next morning. Use some warm water or a makeup remover with a washcloth or clean cotton swab to remove it.

Vaseline can make things uncomfortable once it gets into the eyes by blurring the vision. Eye drops that induce natural tears will help restore comfort to your eyes.

How Your Eyelashes Can Benefit By Applying Vaseline

Creates a healthy look on the lashes: A thin Vaseline coating applied to the lash tips or base helps give a fuller, thicker appearance.

It is inexpensive: A budget-friendly product compared to some of the costly skincare alternatives, it produces results when used in small quantities.

Provides simple skincare: Vaseline is effective on both eyelashes and the skin of the eyelid, so one product works for both.

It has also been known to penetrate the outer skin layer but can end up sitting on the skin as well, being an occlusive product.

This renders it ineffective as an eyelid or facial moisturizer before the application of makeup.

Low reaction risk: Vaseline is a safe moisturizer option for those with sensitive skin or conditions such as blepharitis or eyelid dermatitis.

Research shows that it is rare for people to have allergic reactions while using petroleum jelly, making it a good option for those having a high sensitivity to other products.

Moisture lock: Vaseline forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin and effectively protects against moisture loss, helping the skin to stay healthy and hydrated.

This gives it benefits when used on very dry skin.


Has a thick consistency: Not everyone will find Vaseline useful! The sticky nature and thick consistency of the product mean that some will find it difficult to apply it to their eyelashes while not rubbing the sensitive skin surrounding their eyes.

Traps dirt against the skin: Using Vaseline also requires maintaining good hygiene.

Any presence of bacteria or dirt on your hands or on the product can cause an eyelid infection.

If this happens, it is advisable to throw the product and get in touch with an ophthalmologist before resuming Vaseline use.

Does not have any effect on preventing wrinkles: Vaseline is devoid of ingredients such as peptides or retinoids that help in combatting wrinkles and fine lines.

In case the wrinkles around your eyes have you worried, get in touch with a dermatologist.

They are the best people to guide you through a proper treatment strategy and address any concerns you might have.


An occlusive moisturizer, Vaseline is an effective solution for eyelashes and dry skin.

It may not help in longer, faster growth of the eyelashes but it serves to moisturize them to give a lusher, fuller look. In terms of effectiveness, it does not work for everyone and is not recommended for those with acne-prone or oily skin.

Vaseline, when used at night, typically gives the best results because you are less likely to be in a hurry to wash it off and apply mascara to the lashes instead.